Air and sea forwarding

Do you run a global business? For our clients we provide sea and air transport all over the world. Our service also includes full documentation preparation, customs and unloading services.

Sea transportation is one of the most economical types of cargo transportation. If you want to transport your goods over long distances in a safe and cost-effective way, contact with us! If you want fast and on-time shipment even to the most remote places in the world, air transport will be ideal.

At DTW Logistics, we will not only conscientiously take care of your cargo, but also offer flexible logistics solutions that meet your requirements. By choosing us, you get a dedicated forwarder who will take care of your orders from start to finish. Thanks to our experience and use of innovation, we are constantly improving our services. We will handle even the biggest challenges and tailor our offer to your needs.

Sea forwarding tailored to your needs

As a part of the implementation of sea freight forwarding orders, we organize comprehensive handling of container shipments (FCL) and groupage shipments (LCL). We adapt its type to the customer’s needs.

With LCL transport, our customer’s goods are loaded into a single container, creating the so-called consolidation. Your cargo can arrive at our warehouse from where you pick it up, or it can be reloaded into a truck to reach the recipient.

Sea freight forwarding is mainly characterized primarily by:

Your cargo exceeds the maximum dimensions of the container? It’s not a problem! We will find the best solution so that your goods can be transported to a specific location.

Send your shipment to the other side of the world with DTW Logistics!

Every day, thousands of planes move through the sky, flying to all sorts of destinations around the world. One of them have passengers on board, others carry a variety of cargo. If you need fast transportation of goods from one place on earth to another, we have a solution for you!

Air transport is a safe and fast way to ship your cargo. Thanks to it, they can reach the farthest corners of the earth. Let our specialists take care of your goods. With them, you are guaranteed a comprehensive service and that your shipment will reach its destination on time.

Why should you choose us?

We have a lot of experience and the necessary knowledge that allows us take innovate solutions in air freight forwarding. Our transportation consulting will allow you to make the best decisions for you.

We also provide full customs and forwarding services domestically and internationally. At DTW Logistics we have experienced forwarders, warehouse workers and customs agents who provide comprehensive advice. We are professionals – we will handle your order with the greatest accuracy. We also have an extensive network of air agencies.

Our transport includes:



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Our transport includes:



Our support for your business

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We provide full air transport service

from the sender to the recipient and to the nearest airport terminals. We are also using consolidation warehouses.

We advise on documentation

and provide full customs services.

We use a network of our agents

located around the world for efficient and professional handling of shipments.

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