Cross-dock is a service that is provided for loads that do not require long-term storage and management of the contents of shipments. Cross – dock only includes handling services like unloading, short-term storage and loading. This service is chosen by clients who expect solutions in the field of distribution or consolidation of cargo for further transport, changing the carrier or taking cere of container loads.

Our Cross dock service includes

Zdjęcie: widok na magazyn cross-dock, mężczyzna w wózku widłowym.

Our Cross dock service includes

Our support for your business

In addition to reloading the goods, we will perform many additional activities

like repacking, securing, and palletizing the load in order to prepare it for further carriage.

In case of import or export of goods

our customs agency will take care of all customs and tax formalities, and when transport includes outside the European Union route we will take advantage of our temporary storage warehouse.

We will use our own fleet

to make deliveries to the warehouse or to support further distribution.

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