Domestic Transport

At DTW Logistic Group we have a separate department dedicated to be responsible for planning, organizing and directing of our own fleet of trucks. Together with domestic freight forwarding department we are able to make every transport of any goods all over Poland regardless of their type or size.

We are aware that many companies couldn’t operate without domestic transport. Our goal is introduction of innovate solutions to meet the needs of our customers in every respects. Thanks to our fast and efficient domestic transport you can develop your company and conquering new markets.

DTW Logistics - domestic company for your company

Our trucks travel to the furthest places in Poland. We have our own fleet of trucks, thanks to which we can guarantee trouble-free, fast and safe transport of your goods all over the country. Each of our vehicles is regularly serviced and meets the required safety standards.

Thanks to strategically located DTW Logistics warehouses in Kopytów and Błonie, which is Polish logistics center, we will provide efficient domestic transport services. We handle more than 2000 order every month.

Planning domestic transport is not a piece of cake. It requires great care, otherwise various irregulations, including delays, may occur. Thanks to our wide experience we can organise domestic transport of your products perfectly, according to your requirements. Our qualified employees will take the greatest care of every order and ensure that your loads arrives at the specified location on time.

We provide groupage deliveries to any location in Poland!

We transport loads with different dimensions and properties, which are shipped by different customers. They are collected by the forwarder and transported to the particular locations to specific recipients. Thanks to this service you will not overpay, you can customise the transport to your needs and you can flexibly choose a delivery date that is convenient to you.

Do you need domestic refrigerated transport? It's not a problem!

In our fleet we have special vehicles that have been adapted to transport loads at a specific and controlled temperature (from -25°C to +25°C). With DTW Logistics your goods will be safe and arrive at the particular place on time. We have all the necessary certifications to transport foos and each driver has necessary permissions.

Why should you choose us?

If you want to provide your company continuity of operations, choose efficient and timely deliveries that we make at DTW Logistics! We plan every order well in advance to meet the agreed loading and unloading deadlines. We are logistics enthusiasts and love what we do!

Our domestic transport includes:

Our domestic transport includes:

Our support for your business

Our professional and experienced team will work with you

to take care of your shipment This is why our services are always done at the highest quality.

We will provide you with all information that you need to keep track of your deliveries

Our liability is covered by insurance up to 500 000 € per shipment.

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